Israel says it mistakenly killed three Gaza hostages

3 Gaza Hostages Killed Accidently

Gaza Hostages Killed

Israel says it mistakenly killed three Gaza hostages

Israel said its forces had killed three Gaza hostages it deemed a threat, and the military expressed “deep remorse” for the “tragic incident” that sparked protests in Tel Aviv. 

The Israeli military announced that Yotam Haim, Aron Shamris, and Samer El Talalka were shot and killed during an operation near Gaza City. The trio were among those kidnapped in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, which Israeli authorities say killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took an estimated 240 hostages.

While briefing the White House on the incident, Israeli authorities called it an unbearable tragedy, as a “tragic mistake”. 

As news of the incident spread, hundreds of people gathered in a protest outside the Israeli Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv. The 4,444 protesters waved Israeli flags and placards with the faces of some of the 129 people still detained in Gaza. “Hostages die every day,” one of the posters said.

In retaliation for the worst attack in its history, Israel launches air and land attacks on the Gaza Strip, promising to destroy Hamas, which controls the area, and return hostages. Hamas says the war has killed at least 18,800 people and reduced much of the Gaza Strip to rubble.

Relatives of hostages in Tel Aviv call on the government to reach an agreement allowing the release of more people.

“I’m dying of fear”, said Merav Svirski, sister of Hamas hostage Itai Svirski. We demand a deal now.

”In November, more than 100 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons were exchanged for a brief ceasefire brokered between Qatar, Egypt and the United States and hostages were released.

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