Air India Express Faces Labor Dispute, Flights Cancelled

Air India Express Crisis: 90 Flights Cancelled

The recent Air India Express crisis highlights ongoing challenges in airline labor relations. Disgruntled employees, unhappy with a new assessment system and alleged mismanagement, disrupted operations through mass sick leave. This echoes similar cases where pilot strikes or crew protests have caused cancellations. These incidents underscore the need for stronger communication and fairer labor practices within airlines to prevent such disruptions and ensure smooth operations for passengers.

Air India Express Crisis

Employee Grievances Upheld by Labor Commissioner

Over 90 Air India Express flights have been grounded since Tuesday due to a labor dispute. More than 300 senior cabin crew members called in sick at short notice, leaving the airline scrambling. The Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU) alleges unfair treatment and a flawed new merit-based assessment system.

Labor Commissioner Slams Airline Management

In a scathing email to Air India Express leadership, the Regional Labour Commissioner criticized the airline’s handling of the situation. The Commissioner accused the company of “blatant violations of labor laws” and attempting to mislead officials. He called for a high-level committee to address employee grievances and reform the HR department.

Air India Express Denies Union Recognition

The airline maintains it doesn’t recognize AIXEU or any other union. Spokespersons say they’re working to resolve the issue directly with crew members. They apologized for the inconvenience caused by cancellations and offered passengers full refunds or rebooking options.

Key Points:

  • Dispute centers on new merit-based assessment system and alleged mismanagement.
  • Labor Commissioner sides with employees, criticizing Air India Express’s handling.
  • Airline denies recognizing any union and seeks direct communication with crew.

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