Women Rushed to GPO Bengaluru for ₹8,000 Subsidy

Crowds Flock to GPO Bengaluru Over Rumored ₹8,000 Subsidy

On Wednesday, the (General Post Office) GPO Bengaluru witnessed an overwhelming crowd of women, all hoping to receive a ₹8,000 subsidy. This mass gathering was fueled by rampant rumors suggesting that opening an India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) account would lead to a monthly credit of ₹2,000.

Raveena (name changed), a resident of Govindapura, had been in line for hours. She explained, “We’ve been told that getting an IPPB card from the GPO will allow us to receive ₹2,000 every month starting next month when we present it at the bank.”

Many women, like Aisha from Mysuru Road, were influenced by information from friends and family. “My relatives, who have also opened accounts, informed me about this scheme,” said Aisha, a housewife who was waiting in the queue on May 29.

Further fueling the confusion were rumors that political party funds could be accessed through these IPPB accounts. Farida (name changed), a homemaker from Jayanagar, said, “I’ve heard from my neighbors that people in our area have received money this way.”

GPO’s Efforts to Dispel Misinformation

Despite the GPO’s attempts to counter the misinformation with banners, announcements, and police assistance, the crowd continued to swell. H.M. Manjesh, Chief Postmaster of the Bengaluru GPO, explained, “We have put up banners in Kannada and English, clearly stating that no such money will be credited by the Department. We’ve also been making announcements on microphones, yet people are eager to open IPPB accounts.”

People began queuing as early as 10 a.m., with some traveling from distant places like Kolar. This unexpected surge led to the opening of 2,000 accounts in one day, compared to the usual 50-60. “We had to bring in additional staff and security, including seven to eight postmen, to manage the account openings,” Manjesh added.

Roopesh Kumar, Inspector of Post at GPO, highlighted the logistical challenges. “The increasing crowds required us to collaborate with Vidhana Soudha Police Station, deploying two police constables to help manage the situation.”

The Reality of IPPB Accounts

Kumar emphasized the genuine benefits of having an IPPB account. “These accounts offer conventional banking functions, such as online transactions, bill payments, and direct benefit transfers. There is no deadline for opening an account, contrary to the rumors.”

The persistent belief in a non-existent subsidy reflects the powerful impact of misinformation and the challenges institutions face in dispelling such myths.

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