Gemini AI : Google steps ahead

Google has launched its AI tool Gemini.

Google steps ahead in its technology venture by introducing their new Tool Gemini AI. It will be more futuristic and user friendly with loads of features. Whole world is curious about the ultimate AI tool called GEMINI.

What is Great About Gemini AI?

  • Google announced the launch of its latest, most powerful AI model, Gemini, which has three sizes.
  • As per sources, Gemini Pro outperformed OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 but dodged questions about how it stacked up against GPT-4.
  • The company is planning to license Gemini to customers through Google Cloud for them to use in their own applications. It will also power consumer-facing Google AI apps like the Bard chat-bot and Search Generative Experience.
Gemini AI
Gemini AI

Google is launching what it considers its largest and most capable artificial intelligence model on the 06th December 2023 as pressure mounts on the company to answer how it’ll monetize AI?

The large language model Gemini will include a suite of three following versions:

  1. Gemini Ultra, its largest, most capable category
  2. Gemini Pro, which scales across a wide range of tasks
  3. Gemini Nano, which it will use for specific tasks and mobile devices.

For the time being, the company plans to license Gemini through Google Cloud to customers for their own use cases. Developers and enterprise customers will be able to access Gemini Pro through the Gemini API within Google AI Studio, which is available from 13th December 2023.

Android developers will be able to use Gemini Nano for Android development. Gemini will also power Google products such as Google’s Bard conversational-style chat-bot, and Google’s search-generative experience, which attempts to answer queries using conversational-style text (Google’s Search General Executive is still not widely available).

It can be used by companies and enterprises to improve customer service engagement through chat-bots, product recommendations, and to identify trends for companies seeking to promote products. It can also be used to create content, for example, for marketing campaigns and blog content. Additionally, it can be used to create productivity apps, such as for summarizing meetings or generating code for developers.

  • In a blog post on Wednesday, the company provided examples of how Gemini can be used:
  • It can take a screenshot from a chart and analyze hundreds of pages of research and then update the chart.
  • It can analyze a photo of someone’s math homework and identify correct answers and point out the wrong ones.
  • It can also analyze complex subjects and understand nuances and reasoning.

According to the company, Gemini Ultra was the first model that outperformed human experts on the MMLU test, which uses a mix of 57 subjects (Math, Physics, History, Law, Medicine, and Ethics) to measure world knowledge and solve problems.

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