Israel Hamas Ceasefire : A 4 day’s temporary ceasefire

Israel-Hamas 4 day’s temporary ceasefire

Israel Hamas ceasefire: A temporary 4 day's ceasefire: Hostage exchange brings temporary respite after weeks of war

After weeks of intense fight, Israel and Hamas have finally agreed for a 4 days’ temporary ceasefire from Friday 24t,h November 23 to facilitate the release of about 50 hostages who were abducted during the militant group’s unprecedented raids last month.

Effect of Ceasefire: The four-day truce, which was brokered by Qatar, US and Egypt, brings a spark of hope not only to the war-weary Palestinians in Gaza but also to the anxious families of the hostages awaiting their return.

  • As part of the ceasefire conditions, Israeli jets and troops will halt their operations during the hostage exchange period. Though last time there was intense firing have been witnessed.
  • Hamas militants are also anticipated to stop rocket attacks on Israel.
  • Hamas has claimed that Israel will also withheld flights over southern Gaza during the cease-fire.
  • Over 12,000 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, 23 while Hamas has captured around 240 people and killed at least 1,300.

Philanthropic pause: The hostage exchange will offer some relief to residents on either side of the conflict. It will also help de-escalate some tensions between Israel and Hamas following weeks of indirect negotiations. The ceasefire also assurances an increase in humanitarian aid and fuel supplies to Gaza, addressing the dire shortages worsened by the conflict.

  • The release process will occur in multiple phases during the ceasefire.
  • Under the negotiations, Israel will release Palestinian prisoners, including women and minors. Hamas will release 50 hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.
  • Many hostages, including foreign nationals, may remain in custody. Families not included in the deal will likely continue supporting for their release.

Future course of action: Over the next four days, the war-torn region will witness a brief cooling period. The agreement also opens a window for tactical shifts and further negotiations, potentially prompting the future course of this long-standing conflict that began on October 7.

  • Once the 4 days ceasefire period ends, Israeli troops will maintain their positions in northern Gaza.
  • The resentments between Israel and Hamas are expected to resume soon, unless the period is extended.
  • Hamas leader Yehya Sinwar might extend the cease-fire by posing to release more hostages.
  • Hamas, meanwhile, may use the time to manoeuvre and potentially increase demands.
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