India Lok Sabha Election 2024 Roundup 

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Before and After

Lok Sabha Election 2024 in India is over now. Counting of votes has been completed. The pre-poll alliances NDA has achieved victory on 292 seats while INDIA has captured 230 seats. Individually, the Bhartiya Janata Party has won on 240 seats, while the second largest party was Indian National Congress with 99 followed by Samajwadi Party led by Akhilesh Yadav 37, Trinmool Congress led by Ms Mamta Banerji 29 and Dravin Munnetra Kazhagam with 22 seats.

Supporters of both the alliances are making their claim to form next Government but the heads of alliances are waiting for the meeting of their pre-poll allies before making any public statement. First round of meeting is to be scheduled by this evening, for which leaders of different parties are reaching Delhi today.

Now lets see a brief roundup of this election in India. 


The 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India are not just another turn of the democratic wheel; they are a defining moment for the world’s largest democracy. With over 900 million eligible voters, this electoral exercise is a mammoth task that shapes the country’s political, social, and economic future. Since gaining independence in 1947, India’s electoral process has evolved, reflecting the nation’s diversity and complexity.

The Political Landscape

India’s political landscape is dominated by several major parties, each with its unique ideology and voter base. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress (INC) are the two main national parties. However, regional parties like the Trinamool Congress (TMC), Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), and Shiv Sena play crucial roles, often swinging the balance of power through alliances and coalitions.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Power Men
Lok Sabha Election 2024: Power Houses

Key Players in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Narendra Modi and the BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains a central figure in Indian politics. His leadership of the BJP has been marked by significant economic reforms, a strong stance on national security, and efforts to position India as a global power. The BJP’s campaign will likely focus on its achievements over the past decade.

Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party

Rahul Gandhi, scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family, leads the Congress Party. Despite facing setbacks in previous elections, the Congress aims to capitalize on anti-incumbency sentiments and promises of inclusive growth and social justice.

Other Significant Leaders

Leaders like Mamata Banerjee of the TMC, Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party will also play pivotal roles. Their regional influence and ability to mobilize voters can significantly impact the election outcomes.

Main Issues and Campaign Themes of Lok Sabha Election 2024

Economic Policies

Economic stability and growth will be at the forefront of campaign debates. Issues like job creation, inflation control, and rural development are expected to dominate discussions. Both major parties will highlight their strategies to boost the economy and improve living standards.

Social Issues

Social justice, caste-based reservations, and minority rights will be crucial topics. The BJP’s approach to these issues contrasts with the Congress’s emphasis on social inclusivity and welfare programs.

National Security

With ongoing tensions at the borders and internal security challenges, national security will be a critical issue. The BJP is likely to emphasize its strong defense policies, while the Congress may focus on diplomatic solutions and strengthening internal security mechanisms.

Lok Sabha Election 2024: INDIA Allies

The Role of Social Media and Technology

Digital Campaigning

The 2024 elections will see unprecedented use of digital platforms for campaigning. Political parties are leveraging social media to reach younger demographics, utilizing tools like targeted ads, live streams, and virtual rallies to connect with voters.

Influence of Social Media

Social media’s role in shaping public opinion is undeniable. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are battlegrounds for political narratives. However, the spread of misinformation remains a significant challenge.

Youth and First-Time Voters

Importance of the Youth Vote

With a substantial portion of the electorate comprising young and first-time voters, their participation is crucial. Political parties are tailoring their campaigns to address issues relevant to this demographic, such as education, employment, and digital empowerment.

Strategies to Engage Young Voters

Engaging young voters involves using relatable language, addressing their concerns directly, and involving them in the campaign process. Initiatives like youth wings and digital engagement strategies are being employed to attract this vital voter base.

Lok Sabha Election 2024

Women in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Female Candidates and Leaders

Women’s representation in Indian politics is steadily increasing. Female leaders and candidates are playing more prominent roles, challenging traditional gender norms in political participation.

Women’s Issues on the Agenda

Issues like women’s safety, gender equality, and economic empowerment are gaining traction. Political parties are incorporating these themes into their manifestos to appeal to female voters.

Regional Dynamics

Key States and Battlegrounds

States like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu are key battlegrounds where regional dynamics significantly influence the national outcome. The performance of regional parties in these states can make or break national alliances.

Regional Parties and Their Influence

Regional parties often hold the key to forming the government. Their ability to swing votes and form strategic alliances is a testament to India’s diverse political fabric.

Electoral Reforms and Challenges

Recent Changes in Electoral Laws

Recent electoral reforms aim to enhance transparency and efficiency. Changes such as the introduction of the Electoral Bonds scheme for political funding and the linking of voter ID cards with Aadhaar are noteworthy. Though the Supreme Court of India has declared Electoral Bonds as illegal practice and imposed a ban on it. There was allegation on the Govt of India and States of malpractices in the name of Electoral Bond collection and opposition named it LOOT and facilitation money for doing corruption and other activities by the companies which is not in the favour of Indian citizens.

Issues such as Voter Fraud and EVM Reliability

Concerns over the reliability of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and voter fraud persist. The Election Commission of India continues to address these issues through rigorous testing and transparency measures. But manipulating any electronic device can not be ruled out and countries who have developed the Electronic Voting Machines are even not using it in their own country for voting.

The Role of Media in Lok Sabha Election 2024

Traditional Media Coverage

Traditional media outlets, including newspapers and television, remain influential in shaping public opinion. Their coverage of election campaigns, debates, and analysis plays a crucial role in informing voters.

Media Bias and Fake News

Media bias and the spread of fake news are significant concerns. Ensuring balanced reporting and combating misinformation are essential to maintaining a fair electoral process.

Predictions and Opinion Polls

Major Predictions from Political Analysts

Political analysts are offering varied predictions for the 2024 elections, with some foreseeing a tight contest while others predict a decisive victory for a particular party. These predictions, however, are often subject to change as the political climate evolves.

The Accuracy and Impact of Opinion Polls

Opinion polls provide a snapshot of voter sentiment but are not always accurate. They influence public perception and can sway undecided voters, making their role in elections both critical and controversial.

The Election Process

Phases of the Election

The 2024 elections will be conducted in 7 (seven) phases across different states. This phased approach ensures security and administrative efficiency, given the vast and diverse electorate.

Role of the Election Commission of India

The Election Commission of India oversees the entire electoral process, ensuring free and fair elections. Its responsibilities include updating voter rolls, monitoring campaign expenditure, and addressing electoral malpractices.

Voter Participation and Turnout

Historical Turnout Trends

India has seen varying voter turnout trends over the decades, with recent elections witnessing higher participation rates. Increased awareness and mobilization efforts have contributed to this rise.

Efforts to Increase Voter Participation

Initiatives like voter awareness campaigns, simplified registration processes, and the promotion of postal ballots aim to increase voter participation, ensuring that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to vote.

Post-Election Scenarios

Potential Outcomes and Their Implications

The election results will determine India’s political trajectory for the next five years. Potential outcomes include a single-party majority, a coalition government, or a hung parliament, each with distinct implications for policy and governance.

Forming the Government

Forming the government involves complex negotiations and alliance-building, especially in a coalition scenario. The President of India plays a crucial role in inviting parties to prove their majority and form the government.


The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are a crucial juncture for India, reflecting the country’s democratic ethos and the aspirations of its people. As political parties gear up for the contest, the voters hold the ultimate power to shape the nation’s  future. The issues at stake, the leaders in the fray, and the dynamic political landscape make this election one of the most anticipated events in recent history. Election results of Lok Sabha 2024 are available in details on the Election Commission of India’s official website.

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