Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Train Derails in Ajmer: 4 Coaches Affected 

4 Coaches of Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Train Derail near Ajmer, 6 Trains Cancelled

A derailment incident in Rajasthan’s Ajmer disrupts rail traffic as four coaches of Sabarmati-Agra superfast train derail. Learn about the incident, rescue operations, and its impact on train schedules. 

Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Train Derails in Ajmer

In a recent incident near Madar railway station in Rajasthan’s Ajmer, at least four coaches of a superfast train derailed, causing disruption to rail traffic. The derailment occurred on the intervening night of Sunday-Monday, prompting immediate rescue operations. 

According to Shashi Kiran, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of North Western Railways, the incident involved train number 12548 traveling from Sabarmati to Agra. Four general coaches along with the engine of the train derailed near the home signal in Ajmer’s Madar area. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, and individuals with minor injuries were swiftly taken to nearby hospitals. 

Ajmer Railway Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Rajeev Dhankar announced the formation of a three-member committee to investigate the cause of the accident. The railway authorities promptly established a support desk at Ajmer station and provided a helpline number (0145-2429642) for assistance. 

As a consequence of the derailment, six trains were cancelled and two were diverted. Train No. 19736 from Marwar to Jaipur was among those cancelled, while Train No. 12915 (Sabarmati to Delhi) and Train No. 17020 (Hyderabad to Hisar) were diverted. 

Rescue teams and senior officials mobilized to the site, working diligently to restore the engine and derailed coaches back onto the track. All passengers were successfully rescued, with minor injuries treated at Ajmer railway station. An investigation is underway to determine how the collision occurred, as the goods train was not supposed to be on that track. Additionally, a helpline has been established at Ajmer railway station to provide information regarding the accident. 

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