1st Timed Out Batsman: Angelo Mathews

Angelo Mathews: 1st Batsman to be Timed Out

In Sri Lanka & Bangladesh match played at Arun Jaitley Stadium, New Delhi on th 06th November 2023, something happened, which was never happened in the history of World Cup Cricket. Even in other One Day International matches, such incident was never happened.

And the victim of such decision was Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka team, who was given out by the umpire after appeal of Bangladeshi team.


As per the article mentioned in the Cricket Rule Book, when a batsman is out, the next batsman to be ready to play the next delivery within 120 seconds time. These 2 minutes are crucial as per rule books, though in general, it is ignored by the teams and even by the umpires. But once fielding team appeals for the same, umpire has to oblige the appeal and declare the incoming batsman out.

In this case Angelo Mathews came to bat after dismissal of Samarwikcrama, and even reached near the crease but before taking stance, he felt that strap of his helmet is broaken, He signaled to dugout and 12th man was bringing the new helmet. in the meantime, Bangladesh team raised appeal for timed out, which umpire has approved.

Detail rule books may be referred for more on the rules of Test Cricket, One Day Cricket, T20 Cricket and other related information.

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