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Canada Work Permits: Speedy International Experience

Canada Work Permits

Automation to speed up Canada work permits processing  International Experience:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is improving the way International Experience Canada (IEC) work permits are processed by how to expand the use of automation technology.

A new tool will help process EIC work permit applications by sorting applications based on their complexity and approving the eligibility of regular applications. This will improve efficiency by making decisions faster for certain candidates.

It will also support the growth of the IEC and make it easier for international youth to work and travel to Canada. The tool’s eligibility feature identifies common requirements for fair processing, using agency-developed criteria.

The application is then sent to an officer who determines whether the applicant has been accepted into Canada and makes a final decision. Requests that are not automatically approved for eligibility can still be approved manually after review by an agent.

Only IRCC staff can deny a request, the automated tool does not reject or recommend rejection of applications. IRCC deploys data-driven technologies consistent with privacy and human rights requirements.

These include consideration of potential discriminatory impacts, privacy and security elements built into the tool’s design, and the ability of officials to override tool decisions.

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