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UK Immigration News: UK raises foreign workers' salary

UK Immigration News

UK immigration news came to our knowledge recently that concerned about the growing number of immigrants,  British Home Secretary James Cleverly  said that from next spring, the annual minimum wage threshold for foreign workers will be increased to 38,700 pounds ($48,000), compared to £26,200 ($33,000) today.

The minister added that the jobs list  will also be reformed and rules on workers bringing their dependents will be tightened to reduce the number of people migrating to the UK.

It is worth remembering that from January 2024, international postgraduate students enrolled on non-research courses will no longer be able to bring their family members to the United Kingdom (UK). Previously, under  dependent visas, international students were allowed to bring  family members, including their spouse and children, to the UK.

These new restrictions only concern international students at the graduate level. In the UK, undergraduates are already banned from bringing dependents with them. Ministers said that with these measures in place, the UK would have 300,000 fewer immigrants each year.

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