Former Model Divya Pahuja Found Dead

Tragedy Unfolds as Former Model Divya Pahuja Found Dead in Gurugram Hotel

Former Model Divya Pahuja Found Dead

In a shocking turn of events, Divya Pahuja, a former model with a tumultuous past, was discovered lifeless in a Gurugram hotel. The proprietor of City Point Hotel, Abhijeet Singh, has been apprehended, along with two accomplices, Prakash and Indraj, all implicated in connection with Pahuja’s tragic demise.

Reports suggest that Abhijeet, allegedly responsible for Pahuja’s murder on the night of January 2, went to the extent of offering Rs 10 lakh to his associates for the disposal of her body. The chilling act was captured on CCTV, revealing Abhijeet and his cohorts dragging Pahuja’s lifeless form. A subsequent escape in a blue BMW, carrying Pahuja’s body in the car’s trunk, further deepened the mystery surrounding the incident.

The Complex Web of Divya Pahuja’s Past: Ties to Slain Gangster Sandeep Gadoli and a Honey Trap Scandal

Delving into Pahuja’s enigmatic history adds layers to this already perplexing tale. She was not just a former model but also had a significant connection to the notorious gangster Sandeep Gadoli. Pahuja, who was once Gadoli’s girlfriend, found herself entangled in a web of controversy when Gadoli met his demise at the hands of Haryana police in a hotel room in 2016.

The official account, citing self-defense, faced scrutiny as CCTV footage contradicted the claim of Gadoli being armed during the encounter. Allegations surfaced, suggesting that Pahuja’s mother, Sonia Pahuja, played a role in divulging Gadoli’s whereabouts, ultimately leading to his fatal encounter with the police. This tumultuous event resulted in the arrest and charging of Pahuja, her mother, and several law enforcement officers involved.

Adding another layer to the narrative, recent reports reveal Pahuja’s involvement in a honey trap case. The complexities of her life extend beyond the fashion world, as she becomes embroiled in a scandalous affair that raises questions about the intricate webs she navigated.

As investigators piece together the fragments of Divya Pahuja’s life, the tragic circumstances of her demise unveil a saga fraught with love, betrayal, and the shadows of a tumultuous past. The details surrounding her death and the connections she maintained continue to captivate public interest, painting a picture of a life lived on the edge of both glamour and darkness.

Divya Pahuja

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