New Visa rules of UK to be effective from 31st Jan 2024

New VISA rules of UK will allow to work on tourist Visa.

New Visa Rules of UK: The United Kingdom is set to roll out significant revisions to its visa regulations, effective January 31, marking a transformative shift that opens up fresh opportunities for individuals holding tourist visas. Under the latest updates, tourists visiting the UK on a visa will now be granted the liberty to partake in work-related activities with clients, including the ability to engage in remote work during their stay. This strategic move is anticipated to inject vigor into both the business sector and tourism industry within the country.

New Visa Rules of UK

As part of the immigration rule update released by the UK Government, these changes signify an expansion of activities permitted under Visitor Visas, taking effect from January 31, 2024. 

Here are some key highlights of the New Visa Rules of UK:

  1. International Corporate Engagement: Employees of companies operating both in the UK and internationally can now engage in client work abroad. This is permissible as long as the overseas responsibilities constitute a small portion of their overall duties, are crucial for a project or service by their UK branch and are not directly delivered to a UK client by the overseas employer.
  2. Remote Work Provisions: While visitors are allowed to work remotely from the UK, it’s emphasized that the primary purpose of their stay should not be centered around remote work. This provision aims to strike a balance between work-related activities and the essence of their visit.
  3. Academic and Research Opportunities: Scientists, researchers, and academics are granted permission to conduct research in the UK, with certain exceptions for academics applying for a 12-month visit visa or seeking permission extensions within the country.
  4. Enhanced Legal Engagements: Lawyers are now permitted to participate in additional activities, such as providing advice, acting as an expert witness, participating in legal proceedings, and teaching.
  5. Integration of PPE Visitor Route: The Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visitor route will be seamlessly integrated into the Standard Visitor route, eliminating the need for a separate visa for those involved in paid engagements. However, individuals must still plan and execute the activity within 30 days of arrival.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt had earlier announced the UK Government’s commitment to expanding business visitor rules, enabling professionals to participate in a broader spectrum of approved activities and paid engagements starting from January 2024.

These changes, notably the provision for remote work, are poised to have a positive ripple effect on both business and tourism in the United Kingdom. Further adjustments to business visitor regulations are anticipated in 2024, signaling a continued evolution in the country’s approach to welcoming and facilitating international visitors.

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