Net Worth of Nate Bargatze: Unveiling the Comedic Fortune 

The Nicest Man in Stand-Up: A Look at Nate Bargatze's Life and Comedy

Nate Bargatze, a name synonymous with wit and laughter, has undoubtedly made his mark in the comedy scene. From his humble beginnings to selling out theaters and arenas, Bargatze’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. In this article, we delve into the life, career, and net worth of this comedic genius. 

Nate Bargatze Stand-up Comedian

Nate Bargatze, A Stand-up Comedian With Difference 

Nashville-born Nate Bargatze has carved a unique niche in the world of stand-up comedy. Lauded for his clean, observational humor and focus on relatable anecdotes, he’s earned the moniker “The Nicest Man in Stand-Up” [The Atlantic Magazine]. From his childhood influenced by a magician father to his rise to comedy club headliner and Netflix star, Bargatze’s journey is both entertaining and inspiring. 

Early Life and Comedy Beginnings (1979-2008) 

Early Life and Career Beginnings 

Born on March 25, 1979, in Old Hickory, Tennessee, Nate Bargatze was exposed to comedy at an early age. His father, Stephen Bargatze, was also a comedian, which undoubtedly influenced Nate’s comedic inclinations. Despite having comedy in his genes, Bargatze pursued a degree in communications from Florida State University. 

Whether it was witnessing his father’s magic shows or the inherent humor in the profession itself, the influence is evident in Bargatze’s debut stand-up special, “Full Time Magic” (2015), and his debut album, “Yelled at By a Clown.” 

Bargatze’s educational background includes Donelson Christian Academy, McGavock High School, and Volunteer State Community College. While details of his studies are limited, it’s clear that the comedic itch took hold during this time. He honed his craft in the vibrant stand-up scene of Chicago, eventually making the leap to the comedy mecca – New York City. 

Breaking into the Big Leagues (2008-2015) 

Rise to Fame 

Bargatze’s rise to fame gained momentum with his stand-up specials. His debut special, “Full Time Magic,” premiered on Comedy Central in 2015, garnering critical acclaim and introducing him to a wider audience. Subsequent specials, including “The Tennessee Kid” and “Greatest Average American,” further solidified his status as a comedic force to be reckoned with. 

New York City proved to be a pivotal step in Bargatze’s career. His dedication and talent landed him his first late-night television appearance in 2008 on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” This was a significant milestone, showcasing his material to a wider audience. 

The Turning Point

A turning point came in 2012 when Marc Maron, a prominent comedian and podcaster, caught Bargatze’s act at the LaughFest comedy festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Impressed by Bargatze’s unique style, Maron tweeted his praise, leading to an appearance on Maron’s influential podcast, “WTF.” This exposure not only boosted Bargatze’s credibility but also introduced him to a new fan base. 

Building on this momentum, Nate Bargatze made his network television debut on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in 2013. The following year, he graced the stage of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Fallon, impressed by Bargatze’s talent, even took on a producer role for Bargatze’s first pilot pitch, a sitcom based on his life and stand-up experiences. While the pilot was purchased by NBC, it ultimately wasn’t picked up for a full series. 

Undeterred, Bargatze focused on stand-up, releasing his debut comedy album, “Yelled at By a Clown,” in 2014. This hilarious collection of stories further solidified his reputation as a rising star.

Nate Bargatze with family

Rise to Stand-Up Stardom (2015-Present) 

The year 2015 marked a significant achievement for Bargatze. His first full-hour stand-up special, “Full Time Magic,” premiered on Comedy Central. This special not only showcased his polished comedic style but also paid homage to his father’s influence on his life. 

Bargatze’s career continued its upward trajectory. He became a regular on shows like “The Tonight Show” and “Conan,” further cementing his place in the world of late-night television. In 2017, he released his first Netflix special, “The Standups,” as part of a collaborative effort featuring several acclaimed comedians. 

Building on the success of “The Standups,” Bargatze released two more Netflix specials – “The Tennessee Kid” (2019) and “Greatest Average American” (2021). Both specials garnered critical acclaim for Bargatze’s relatable humor and his ability to find amusement in everyday situations. 

In 2023, Bargatze released his latest special, “Hello, World,” on Amazon Prime Video. This special continued his successful formula, offering audiences a hilarious glimpse into his life and observations on the world. 

Family Life and Beyond Stand-Up 

Bargatze is a married man. He tied the knot with Laura Baines in 2006, and they have one child together. While details about his family life are kept relatively private, his stand-up routines occasionally touch upon his experiences as a husband and father, adding a layer of relatability for many audience members. 

Beyond stand-up, Bargatze has dabbled in producing. He’ 

Beyond stand-up, Bargatze has dabbled in producing. He, alongside comedian Tom Segura, co-produced the 2022 animated comedy film “The Mitchells vs. the Machines.” This foray into animation showcased Bargatze’s comedic sensibilities reaching a new audience. 

Endorsements and Net Worth 

Television Appearances 

In addition to his stand-up specials, Bargatze has graced numerous television shows, including “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Conan,” and “The Late Show with James Corden.” His charming Southern demeanor coupled with razor-sharp wit has endeared him to viewers across the globe. 

Comedy Tours and Ticket Sales 

One of the primary sources of Bargatze’s income stems from his successful comedy tours. With sold-out shows in prestigious venues across the country, Bargatze commands top dollar for his performances, contributing significantly to his net worth. 

Streaming and Royalties 

In an era dominated by streaming platforms, Bargatze’s comedy specials continue to generate revenue through digital distribution. With each view, Bargatze earns royalties, further bolstering his financial standing. 

Merchandise and Endorsements 

Beyond stand-up, Bargatze has capitalized on his popularity by launching merchandise lines and securing lucrative endorsement deals. From branded apparel to partnerships with leading brands, Bargatze’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. 

Investments and Business Ventures 

In addition to his earnings from comedy, Bargatze has diversified his portfolio through strategic investments and business ventures. From real estate to startup ventures, Bargatze’s financial acumen has helped him secure a bright future beyond the stage. 

While not a central focus of his career, Bargatze has participated in some endorsement deals. Details are scarce, but there have been mentions of partnerships with brands like YETI coolers, aligning with his outdoorsy persona occasionally referenced in his routines. 

Determining Bargatze’s exact net worth is difficult due to the private nature of financial information. However, estimates based on his successful comedy career, including sold-out tours, specials, and television appearances, place his net worth somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. 

The Future of Nate Bargatze 

With his clean, observational humor and ability to find humor in the mundane, Nate Bargatze has carved out a distinct space in the world of stand-up. He continues to tour extensively, selling out shows across the United States. With his latest special, “Hello, World,” being a success on Amazon Prime Video, it’s clear Bargatze has a loyal fanbase and a bright future ahead. Whether he tackles another Netflix special, explores further production opportunities, or surprises audiences with something entirely new, one thing remains certain – fans can expect many more years of laughter from “The Nicest Man in Stand-Up.” 

Personal Life 

Despite his busy schedule, Bargatze remains grounded in his personal life. He is married to Laura Bargatze, and together they have two children. Family remains a priority for Bargatze, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation in his comedic pursuits. 


Bargatze is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, supporting various charitable organizations and causes close to his heart. Whether through fundraising events or personal contributions, Bargatze remains committed to giving back to his community. 

Public Image and Influence 

Known for his clean and relatable humor, Bargatze has cultivated a positive public image characterized by authenticity and integrity. His influence extends beyond comedy, inspiring aspiring comedians and entertainers to pursue their passions relentlessly. 

Challenges and Setbacks 

Despite his success, Bargatze has faced his fair share of challenges and setbacks along the way. From navigating the competitive landscape of comedy to overcoming personal obstacles, Bargatze’s resilience has been instrumental in shaping his journey. 

Future Projects and Prospects 

Looking ahead, Bargatze shows no signs of slowing down. With new projects on the horizon and a loyal fan base eagerly awaiting his next move, the future looks bright for this comedic virtuoso. 


In conclusion, Nate Bargatze’s net worth is a testament to his talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. From humble beginnings to comedic stardom, Bargatze has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique brand of humor. As he continues to conquer new heights in the comedy world, one thing is certain: the laughter will never cease. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How did Nate Bargatze get into comedy? 

Nate Bargatze was exposed to comedy from a young age, with his father being a comedian. He pursued comedy as a career path after graduating from college. 

What are some of Nate Bargatze’s most famous comedy specials? 

Some of Nate Bargatze’s most famous comedy specials include “Full Time Magic,” “The Tennessee Kid,” and “Greatest Average American.” 

How does Nate Bargatze’s comedy style differ from other comedians? 

Nate Bargatze’s comedy style is known for being clean, relatable, and characterized by his Southern charm. He often draws from personal experiences and observations in his routines. 

Is Nate Bargatze involved in any philanthropic activities? 

Yes, Nate Bargatze is actively involved in philanthropy, supporting various charitable organizations and causes. 

What can we expect from Nate Bargatze in the future? 

Fans can expect more laughter and entertainment from Nate Bargatze as he continues to pursue new projects and ventures in the comedy world. 

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