The Esquire Theater

The Esquire Theater: counting its days

The Esquire Theatre — an almost 100-year-old staple of Denver film — might be approaching its last days as a spot to see a film.

Plans submitted to Denver’s Allowing and Permitting Centre toward the finish of last month might give an indicate what’s next for the structure only south of the Legislative hall Slope area. The application proposes the transformation of the 9,175-square-foot theatre working at 590 Bringing down St. into spaces for eateries, office and retail spaces. The structure staying a cinema isn’t noted in the application.

Since its beginning as the single-screen Hiawatha Theatre in 1927, the cinema has both extended and endured everyday hardship. In 1980, the theatre turned out to be essential for the Milestone Theatre chain. The theatre was closed down for a large portion of 2018 after a central pipe break. It returned in 2019. The pandemic closure drove the proprietor to put it available to be purchased. The structure was bought by Sam Leger and Tim Finholm for $2.1 million out of 2021. Both were recorded in the application for change. The structure as of now keeps on working as a Milestone theatre. Leger didn’t answer with remark in season of announcing.

As per LoopNet, the theatre’s rent agreement is terminating in July 2024 and doesn’t have an agreement renewal choice. The plans likewise propose an expansion on the south finish of the structure, extending into the parking area. The principal floor would be partitioned into two units accessible for retail or eatery space. The higher up would be transformed into office space. However, the memorable Esquire Theatre sign would stay on the structure.


Because of the area being viewed as a Denver verifiable milestone, the city’s Milestone Protection Bonus should support the development to the structure. Whenever endorsed, the venture is assessed to begin in June 2024 and wrap up by January 2025.

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The Esquire Theater

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