Unveiling the IPL 2024 Schedule: A Cricket Enthusiast’s Guide 

Full IPL 2024 Schedule Released: Synchronised With Election Dates

The Excitement Builds Up 

The much-anticipated unveiling of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 schedule by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has sent ripples of excitement across the cricketing world. With all 74 matches slated to be held within India, this season promises unparalleled cricketing action and fervor. 

The Key Fixtures: Ahmedabad and Chennai Take Center Stage 

Qualifier Matches and Finals 

The Qualifier 1 and Eliminator matches are scheduled for May 21 and 22 respectively at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera. Qualifier 2 and the highly anticipated final showdown will unfold at the historic Chepauk Stadium in Chennai on May 24 and 26, crowning the champions of IPL 2024. 

Seamless Arrangement of Fixtures: A Testament to Organizational Excellence 

Commencement and Phase-wise Schedule 

The IPL commences with its second phase, kicking off with a thrilling clash between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders at the Chepauk Stadium on Monday, April 8, in a night showdown. 

India as the Sole Venue: Putting Speculation to Rest 

Decision Amidst Security Concerns 

Speculation regarding the potential staging of IPL 2024 partly in the UAE has been put to rest by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, affirming the entire tournament will be held in India. This decision was made amidst security concerns due to the upcoming General Elections. 

IPL 2024 Schedule
Full IPL 2024 Schedule

Strategically Crafted IPL 2024 Schedule: Minimizing Disruptions 

Avoiding Election Overlaps 

The IPL 2024 schedule preparing team has skilfully crafted a program that avoids overlaps with election dates across various phases, ensuring the smooth progression of the tournament while upholding the home and away format. 

Secondary Venues: Adding Diversity to the Cricketing Landscape 

Dharamsala: Punjab Kings’ Secondary Base 

Known as a secondary base for Punjab Kings, Dharamsala will host two exhilarating encounters. The franchise will face Chennai Super Kings on May 5 in a day game and Royal Challengers Bangalore on May 9 in a night showdown. 

Guwahati: The Preferred Second Venue for Rajasthan Royals 

Guwahati, the preferred second venue for Rajasthan Royals, will witness two thrilling encounters. On May 15, Rajasthan Royals will take on Punjab Kings, followed by a clash against Kolkata Knight Riders on May 19, marking the culmination of the league phase. 

A Season Set to Enthral 

The unveiling of the IPL 2024 schedule has set the stage for an exhilarating cricketing extravaganza. With matches spread across iconic venues and a meticulously crafted schedule, IPL 2024 promises to captivate cricket enthusiasts across India. 

IPL 2024 Full Schedule

MatchDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamVenue
1Mar-227:30 PMCSKRCBChennai
2Mar-233:30 PMPBKSDCMohali
3Mar-237:30 PMKKRSRHKolkata
4Mar-243:30 PMRRLSGJaipur
5Mar-247:30 PMGTMIAhmedabad
6Mar-257:30 PMRCBPBKSBengaluru
7Mar-267:30 PMCSKGTChennai
8Mar-277:30 PMSRHMIHyderabad
9Mar-287:30 PMRRDCJaipur
10Mar-297:30 PMRCBKKRBengaluru
11Mar-307:30 PMLSGPBKSLucknow
12Mar-313:30 PMGTSRHAhmedabad
13Mar-317:30 PMDCCSKVisakhapatnam
14Apr-017:30 PMMIRRMumbai
15Apr-027:30 PMRCBLSGBengaluru
16Apr-037:30 PMDCKKRVisakhapatnam
17Apr-047:30 PMGTPBKSAhmedabad
18Apr-057:30 PMSRHCSKHyderabad
19Apr-067:30 PMRRRCBJaipur
20Apr-073:30 PMMIDCMumbai
21Apr-077:30 PMLSGGTLucknow
22Apr-087:30 PMCSKKKRChennai
23Apr-097:30 PMPBKSSRHMohali
24Apr-107:30 PMRRGTJaipur
25Apr-117:30 PMMIRCBMumbai
26Apr-127:30 PMLSGDCLucknow
27Apr-137:30 PMPBKSRRMohali
28Apr-143:30 PMKKRLSGKolkata
29Apr-147:30 PMMICSKMumbai
30Apr-157:30 PMRCBSRHBengaluru
31Apr-167:30 PMGTDCAhmedabad
32Apr-177:30 PMKKRRRKolkata
33Apr-187:30 PMPBKSMIMohali
34Apr-197:30 PMLSGCSKLucknow
35Apr-207:30 PMDCSRHDelhi
36Apr-213:30 PMKKRRCBKolkata
37Apr-217:30 PMPBKSGTMohali
38Apr-227:30 PMRRMIJaipur
39Apr-237:30 PMCSKLSGChennai
40Apr-247:30 PMDCGTDelhi
41Apr-257:30 PMSRHRCBHyderabad
42Apr-267:30 PMKKRPBKSKolkata
43Apr-273:30 PMDCMIDelhi
44Apr-277:30 PMLSGRRLucknow
45Apr-283:30 PMGTRCBAhmedabad
46Apr-287:30 PMCSKSRHChennai
47Apr-297:30 PMKKRDCKolkata
48Apr-307:30 PMLSGMILucknow
49May-017:30 PMCSKPBKSChennai
50May-027:30 PMSRHRRHyderabad
51May-037:30 PMMIKKRMumbai
52May-047:30 PMRCBGTBengaluru
53May-053:30 PMPBKSCSKDharamsala
54May-057:30 PMLSGKKRLucknow
55May-067:30 PMMISRHMumbai
56May-077:30 PMDCRRDelhi
57May-087:30 PMSRHLSGHyderabad
58May-097:30 PMPBKSRCBDharamasala
59May-107:30 PMGTCSKAhmedabad
60May-117:30 PMKKRMIKolkata
61May-123:30 PMCSKRRChennai
62May-127:30 PMRCBDCBengaluru
63May-137:30 PMGTKKRAhmedabad
64May-147:30 PMDCLSGDelhi
65May-157:30 PMRRPBKSGuwahati
66May-167:30 PMSRHGTHyderabad
67May-177:30 PMMILSGMumbai
68May-187:30 PMRCBCSKBengaluru
69May-193:30 PMSRHPBKSHyderabad
70May-197:30 PMRRKKRGuwahati
71May-217:30 PMQual-1Ahmedabad
72May-227:30 PMEliminatorAhmedabad
73May-247:30 PMQual-2Chennai
74May-267:30 PMFinalChennai

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