BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia Engages in Verbal Dispute with Lawyers Amid Strike in Greater Noida

BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia clashes with lawyers on strike in Greater Noida

In a recent incident at a Noida court, BJP’s national spokesperson, Gaurav Bhatia, found himself in a verbal dispute with fellow lawyers amidst an ongoing advocates’ strike.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • A verbal altercation occurred involving Gaurav Bhatia and other lawyers during a court session in Greater Noida.
  • Tensions arose as Bhatia expressed his disagreement with the ongoing lawyers’ strike.
  • Eventually, the situation calmed down, and normalcy was restored.


Gaurav Bhatia’s presence at the Gautam Buddha Nagar district court sparked controversy when local lawyers, protesting against an FIR involving a lawyer’s father, confronted him regarding the ongoing strike.

The situation escalated as some lawyers objected to Bhatia’s participation in court proceedings amidst the strike. Police intervention was required to ensure Bhatia’s safe departure from the premises.

In a separate development related to YouTuber Elvish Yadav’s case, Noida Police made two more arrests. The case has garnered attention, with further arrests anticipated as the investigation progresses.

Contrary to rumors, the Gautam Budh Nagar Bar Association denied any physical altercation involving Bhatia, clarifying that the incident was limited to a verbal dispute. They refuted claims of assault against the BJP spokesperson.

Despite initial disagreements, peace was eventually restored at the court premises, and proceedings resumed after the incident.

Overall, the clash between Gaurav Bhatia and lawyers underscores the tensions surrounding the ongoing strike, highlighting the need for dialogue and resolution within the legal community.

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